Metal Stamping Manufacturer – Precision Metal Stamping – Batesville Tool & Die
Metal Stamping Manufacturer – Precision Metal Stamping – Batesville Tool & Die
Metal Stamping Manufacturer – Precision Metal Stamping – Batesville Tool & Die Metal Stamping Manufacturer – Precision Metal Stamping – Batesville Tool & Die

From concept to completed metal part

From a small metal part or a deep drawn metal part to a complex welded assembly, Batesville Tool & Die has the expertise and the metal stamping facilities to produce your metal component project, with a diversified capability for size, material or complexity.

The Batesville Tool & Die Way:
Metal Stamping Process – Precision Metal stamping, Metal Components Production – Batesville Tool & Die, Batesville, Indiana and MexicoWe use lean manufacturing principles to govern our entire metal stamping system, helping to minimize waste, manage flow and deliver quality products on time and on budget. Our web-based software system creates a paperless process that enables us to set up, schedule inspect and control other data throughout the component-manufacturing project. We also use many of the standard design software programs, ensuring that we can translate and deliver your concept and vision into a completed metal part.

Customer Project Review:
The metal stamping process starts with our design review meeting and continues with:

  • Discussion of customer and internal quality requirements
  • Development of a process flow for governing the project
  • Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)
  • Simulation and development of part prototype if necessary to ensure a robust design and manufacturability

Tool & Die Services:
From there, we start the process of complete tooling for the metal part and review of the tooling through short- and long-term capability studies. If necessary, we will re-tool or make engineering changes to your current design.

Metal Stamping Production:
Once your metal part is ready for production, we move on to one of our 52 metal presses, ranging from 50 ton to 1,200 tons. These presses are equipped with variable speed and accessory items such as feeds, reels, nitrogen cushion systems and electronic detection systems and link motion technology. We can produce metal parts from blank parts to formed and drawn metal parts, small parts, large parts, thin metal parts (.3 mm) or thick gauge metal parts (8.4 mm). We also have resistance welding using conventional and dedicated welding equipment per part requirements. In addition, our secondary equipment can drill, tap and sub-assemble.

Finishing Touches:
For customers who require more detail in finished metal parts or assemblies, we also have a diversified set of welding, part assembly and finishing capabilities for completing your metal component project.

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